Next Food Distribution:      06/10/2020 from 10:00am-12:00pm!

Food distribution will take place every Wednesday & Friday* at ATA

(*Thanks to a special Government grant, a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and cheese will additionally be distributed on Fridays from 10-12 or until supplies run out!)

*Completed student work can be submitted for teacher review during food distribution time*

(ensure your child's full name name and grade are written on each assignment)

Governor Whitmer has closed all Michigan school buildings to children!

Gleaners will be distributing additional food items this Wednesday!


S T A Y   

C A L M !  



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Governor Whitmer has closed all Michigan school buildings to students


ATA's Health Promotion Policies and Infection Control Policies Reflect Current Research-based best practices and guidelines provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control, the Michigan Association of School Nurses, and other leading health authorities in community health and infectious disease.  Management & Administrators will be meeting to discuss the upcoming weeks of service for ATA staff and students.  Families will be updated as decisions are made.

Clicking on these images will download helpful info about key aspects of ATA Nursing Services

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Continuing for the 2019-2020 school year, ATA is proud to have an on-campus District Nurse to assist with student, family and staff health-related needs.  Nursing services at ATA and school-based health promotion are provided by the Mrs. Jessica Casiano.  Mrs. Casiano is both a registered nurse and a certified teacher serving students in the District.  She leads a group of special volunteers participating in ATA's MERT (i.e. the ATA Medical Emergency Response Team) who assist with interventions in health-related emergencies at school and support student health during the school day through the delegated imple-mentation of school-based health care plans driven by physician orders. 

ATA's addition of a school nurse to its staff and the development of a 

MERT serve as evidence of the District's commitment to help ensure that

all students are provided with the support and opportunities to succeed. 

The District Nurse is committed to promoting overall student success with

the knowledge and belief that healthy children learn better!

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Please talk with your family physician about vaccinations that are appropriate for your child, yourself, and other members of your family.  There are constant improvements in medicine and more vaccinations exist which can help to keep your child, your family, and our community safe and healthy. 


In addition to some of the more well-known school-aged vaccinations, depending upon age, risk factors, and other variables, Flu vaccines, the HPV vaccine, Hepatitis vaccinations and others may be appropriate. 


Consider keeping every member of the family up to date on vaccines!  When it comes to health, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Immunizing against vaccine preventable illnesses promotes a healthy learning environment and helps prevent the spread of contagious disease.   

Get It Here

Interested in learning
MORE about ATA's
on-site vaccination clinic?
Interested in learning
MORE about ATA's
on-site vaccination clinic?

Vaccines must be 

up-to-date by October 1st!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

When it comes to promoting a healthy, successful

school year, this is an important point.  Children & their

families need to have regular and routine access to health

care.  The State of Michigan has some very affordable programs

in place for low-cost or even free health care services, vaccinations,

and even dental or eye doctor services.  Click the links to the right

to learn more about the "MI Child"& "MI Bridges" programs.  

While ATA does have a school nurse, this professional should not be

your child's primary or only contact with a health care professional. 


ATA promotes whole-child health and wellness for overall student success.  This means that children need regular visits with physicians, dentists, optometrists, and a variety of other health care professionals throughout their lives.  Children and families need professional guidance from these professionals for early recognition of health problems and for optimal promotion of health and wellness.  These professionals help facilitate appropriate measures to take for your child specifically, including needed vaccinations, health screenings, and many other important health promoting interventions.

Do you or your child


Please remember that ATA's school nurse is limited in practice by the professional scope of practice as a registered nurse.  The school nurse's presence is intended to serve as a valuable community resource and to support your child's overall health under the guidance, direction, and coordination of his or her pediatrician.   Without a physician's order and signed consent from the parent and the physician, the only things that can be provided in the school setting are soap, water, ice, Band Aids and comfort.

Any and all medications, including over the counter medicines, such as Tylenol, Motrin, cough syrup, cough drops, etc., require a written order from a licensed physician.  Parental permission (provided on a specific form) is also required to have the medication in the school and/or to be administered by ATA staff.  All medication must be delivered to school by hand by an adult in the original prescription bottle, labeled by the pharmacy or manufacturer.  It must include the student's full name, expiration date of the medication, prescribing physician, and may not contain more than or anything other than what the package says it contains.  Even if students are able to administer the medication to themselves, these important documents are still required.

Click the Epipen or Inhaler to Download the --> Permission Slip for Students to Self-Carry Meds


Any student with medical conditions which may require interventions while in school, including the administration of medications, must have one of the following Health Care Plans completed by both parents and physician. (click the button to download the form)

Site Last Updated 06.09.2020

Completed forms can be dropped off in person at the ATA Main Office or sent by postal mail "Attn: ATA Nurse"
More ideally, completed forms can be emailed to or faxed to 1-313-582-6585.  
Please contact the Nurse directly to confirm receipt of orders, documentation, or other important information.
***** Remember to write "confidential" on all documents or envelopes and "Attn: ATA Nurse" *****
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